Established in 1976, the Loyola University in Maryland Rugby Football Club, is the oldest Sports Club on campus.

Training’s are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:30pm until 9:30pm. Matches are typically played on Saturdays around 1pm, but we do have the facility to host night matches.

  • Mission: To teach the game and culture of rugby and to help our club members mature into responsible and productive people.
  • Goals: To win the National Collegiate Rugby Championship, be the fittest rugby club, physically and mentally, in the nation, to instill a sense of family and to have fun

We encourage all the young people of Loyola University to participate in sports. However, we obviously feel that Loyola Rugby has more to offer than the other clubs at the college.

  • Camaraderie: We are brothers on and off the pitch. Our bond is based on our friendship and our love of the game. That bond is strengthened by our commitment to become the best rugby club in the nation.
  • Physical Demands: Rugby requires eighty minutes of constant motion; including sprinting, jogging, tackling and grappling. If you thought you were in good shape try playing eighty minutes of rugby.

There are fifteen positions on a rugby team. Each position has unique physical demands. So, whether you are small and fast, big and lumbering or of an intermediate size and speed, a position for you.

  • Mental Demands: Learning the game is a challenge for the first year. As players start to know and understand the game, its nuances of play and strategy are a joy to learn and a challenge to implement

General Information:

  • Women’s Rugby: We have a Women’s 7’s program who compete in the EPRU
  • Club Structure: We boast two competitive Men’s XV’s sides. The 1st XV is our varsity equivalent. The 2nd XV is our developmental side. We also have a competitive 7’s team as well
  • Club Administration: The club has a Director of Rugby & Head Coach (Coach Cipriano), two forwards coaches, a backs coach, a developmental coach, a fitness coach, an athletic trainer and a Chaplain. The club also has student leadership opportunities in the following offices: President, Vice President, Match Secretary, Treasurer and a Social Media expert
  • League: We compete within and are member of the Potomac Rugby Conference
  • Matches: We play about 8 – 10 XV’s matches in the Fall and several 7’s tournaments in the spring. Matches are typically held in the DC / Maryland area with a few trips to North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia 
  • Training: We train about 5 days a week. Usually a film session on Mondays, Tue-Thur training and Friday walk through
  • Tryouts: Since it is our goal to spread the love and knowledge of rugby we do not exclude anyone
  • Student Expectations: We are a competitive club and work hard to perform well but, in the end, rugby is just a game. There are more important things in life. Club members are expected to prioritize their efforts as such: (1) God/Family, (2) Academics and (3) Rugby
  • Discipline: Any behavior that reflects poorly on Loyola University Maryland, the sport of rugby or our club is not tolerated